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Great Scents

Harvested this 9 point 134" P&Y class buck during the 2011 Ohio season. 
I found multiple scrapes within 50 yards of each other along a field, I applied NWCS Virtual Doe In Heat Scent to each scrape.
When this buck came in I watched him for about 15 minutes, working each scrape; tearing the ground up,
jumping up on his hind legs while trashing the branches that I applied the scent to.
One of my most memorable hunts.
Thanks for a great product,

Tim Moquin
Franklin, NH

My second year with your product.Last year was 8 pointer, 186lbs. dressed. Saw your seminar in Concord on 3 phases of the rut and really enjoyed it. I have shot quite a few big n.h. bucks but learned some new stuff from you guys. thanks, Lance

Youth day in New Hampshire!
Kelsie and her Northwoods Buck
Dear Dean,
This is how my 2006 NH Youth Day hunt went.

   My name is Kelsie Courtemanche. I am .14 years old. I am writing you and sending you these pictures to let you know how your  Northwoods Scents worked for me. This  was my 1st youth day hunt with my dad. We had made a ground blind earlier  and we arrived there before sunrise.  After putting out our Northwoods Common Scent Doe in Heat, we settled into our blind. It was a very chilly morning and we were very excited be there. My dad facing one runway and me facing another.  We started hearing shots in the distance, and it was making me anxious.  Around 8:00am, I felt my dad tap my right shoulder.  I looked at the runway he was facing, and saw  a huge buck standing about 30 yards from us.   The large buck stopped broadside and caught a whiff of the Northwoods Doe in Heat. I grabbed my 7mm O8 and got up from my 5 gallon bucket, I headed 3 steps towards the shooting rail we made. I kind of got too excited and stumbled over a root. ( I was excited ),   I set  my rifle on the rail  and placed the cross hairs just behind the bucks front shoulder, and squeezed the trigger.  He was gone back to where he came from in a flash.  After following the blood trail about 150 yards, I saw my 9 point, 185 pound buck laying dead on the ground!  I was pretty excited, considering that my first deer i had ever shot was a good one, but to be honest, my dad was about 5 times more excited than me!!  I am youth day hunting this year in New Hampshire again, and we have set up our groundblind in the same location as last year.  I am looking forward to another succesful year using Northwoods, and hopefully it will bring me the same luck as it did last year!


This is a picture from the past . My daughter Shea and her dog Harley.

These are memories that will last a life time. It is memories like these that bring me back into the woods time and time again to create new ones .  Good luck in your 2009 season .